BODIES OF SOUND August 30, 2014

CURATOR Lola Lustosa (BR)

ARTISTS Ava Rocha (BR) & Negro Leo (BR), Camila Rhodi (BR), Lolita Terrorist Sounds (IT), Milla Koistinen (FIN) & Dirk Huelstrunk (GER), Martha Hincapié Charry (COL), Obi Blanche (FIN), Moo Kim (KR)



Ava Rocha (BR) & Negro Leo (BR)

Ava Rocha and Negro Leo get their voices together to resonate the desires, political and spiritual memories in Berlin, in a place occupied for storms that shot against the sun, that keeps universal inhabitants.

Ava Rocha is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist. Considered one of the great voices of the new generation, Ava stands out for the beauty and uniqueness of your tone, and the proposals and aesthetic ways of his inventiveness in sound that combine music. Constantly acclaimed by critics and Brazilian artists Caetano praised his voice and compared her to Maria Bethania and Nana Caymmi “the sweetest of all serious”; Adriana Evans called her a “singer of the future, a complete artist” and Jards Macalé “new new”. Ava arrives at his eponymous second album Ava Patrya Yndia Yracema, produced by Jonas Sá, having launched in 2011 by Warner, praised the Day. Involved in other musical and film projects, such as Ball Primitivo, conducting video-clips and films like “Dramatic” and “Ardor Highlights” directed by her, Ava has collaborated with several Brazilian artists like Jards Macalé to sing in his last disc and DVD “Jards” the song “Berceuse Criolle”.

Negro Leo is a Brazilian Singer, songwriter and instrumentalist from Maranhão, based in Rio de Janeiro, Black Leo releases his fourth album Heat Islands. Recorded from improvisations performed on editions, Leo wrote the lyrics and sang on the bases, printing on each stretch an incendiary and urgent poetic, establishing itself as one of the great names in the new generation of inventors of Brazilian music. Praised by Brazilian artists and critics as Arto Lindsay, Kassin, Jards Macalé and Tunga, was also matter in The Wire, Vice and other publications that make it a great novelty. His other albums are The Newspeak (2012), Ideal Primitive (2012), Tara (2013), in addition to compact EuEuEu Black and Leo (2013).

Camila Rhodi (BR): V.

Audio installation by Camila Rhodi (20’). A polyphony of home-made female voice recordings. Seven women sing, exposing feelings, simplicity and beauty. Camila Rhodi . 2014. With: Landa Anjos. Luna Martinelli . Alexandra Wiltshire. Bruna Nunes. Camilla Ribas. Fannie Faivre. Francisca Villela aka Panxi. Special thanks to Lukas Grundmann.

Camila Rhodi was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1978. Since 2005 she had been working with autobiography, constantly talking about strong and intense feelings, in order to talk about feelings that everyone shares. The question of absence, present throughout her works, creates a relationship with the audience that leads them to reflect upon their own stories involving this sensibility. With her body, her voice, texts and film installations she transforms in art the strongest experiences. The results are poetic, touching, humorous and, at the same time, acid statements of one person’s life as everybody’s life.

Lolita Terrorist Sounds (IT): I wish I could disappear in a big piece of art

Springs, bricks, tools, metal, wood, plastic, words, human voice, tapes, machines, water, sand, gravel: everything caught by a looping machine and multiplied by infinitive sounds. Elements and materials, they adopt a new identity assuming the aspect of a music instrument, becoming one big sonic body and resonating in the empty reverberate rooms of the art complex Fahrbereitschaft for an extemporaneous site-specific performance created by Lolita Terrorist Sounds.

Lolita Terrorist Sounds is the stage name of Maurizio Vitale (IT) and very often includes special guests and collaborations. In 2014 Lolita Terrorist Sounds performed for the first time new material as a trio at Schlagstrom Festival (in the same line-up with Carter Tutti plays Chris and Cosey from Throbbing Gristle) and as an opening act for the Liber Null Party season in Berlin. Maurizio Vitale is active in a number of artistic fields as drummer, guitar player, performer and singer. Recently he has been collaborating with such artists as : Bob Rutman, Doudou N’diaye Rose, Kristof Hahn (Swans), NU Unruh (Einsturzende Neubauten).

“I can feel your muscles clenching, an expanding energy – floating onto our bodies – I wish I could disappear in a big piece of art – to be loved” -Lolita Terrorist Sounds

Milla Koistinen (FIN) & Dirk Huelstrunk (GER) : A pile of frames

Dance & text sound loop performance. Milla Koistinen (FIN): dance choreography, Dirk HuelsTrunk (GER): voice text sound loops. In a series of short structured improvisations dancer Milla Koistinen and Sound Poet Dirk HuelsTrunk are testing basic parameters of speech-sound and movement: constructing, defining, shifting & deconstructing. Through variations and repetitions basic structures are arranged and and piled until the pile of frames starts to move, tip and open again. An intermedia performance between, dance, poetry, music & soundart. A performance about construction, hyperconstruction and deconstruction, about rules and chance, space and densitiy, memory, intensity and transformation through repetition.

Milla Koistinen has graduated from the Theatre Academy of Helsinki, Finland in 2004 with MA in dance and from HfS Ernst Busch/HZT Berlin with MA in choreography in 2012.She has worked among others with Kristian Smeds, Hiroaki Umeda, Peter Verhelst (NTGent/Johan Simons), Cie Heddy Maalem, Christine Gaigg, Hans van den Broeck and Les Ballets du Grand Maghreb. Since 2008 she has been creating her own work and her creations have been played among other locations in HAU Hebbel am Ufer and in Uferstudios Berlin. In the summer 2010 Koistinen was one of the danceWEB scholarship recipients in Impulstanz Vienna. She has worked as a guest teacher in the Iceland Academy of the Arts, Tanzhaus NRW, Tanzhaus Zürich, Theatre Academy of Helsinki, the University of Tampere (in the actor’s department), the conservatory of Tampere, Marameo, Berlin, Espace Catastrophe in Brussels and PAC, Ramallah.

Dirk HuelsTrunk is an internationally active soundpoet/audio artist, spoken word poet, writer, minimalist, creative writing teacher and curator of art/poetry events from Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Influences range from Dada, Surrealism, Concrete Poetry, Fluxus, Beatpoetry to Pop and modern electronic sound-poetry. Recent publication: müüü (CD) – sound poetry loops, Atemwerft, Augsburg 2014.

Martha Hincapié Charry (COL): Stoff

Scattered fragments. Disembodied spirit. Ease of movement. Everlasting struggle with death or surrender to the mortal. Discomfort. Matter, Materia, Materie. Carnaval de animales. Gewebe. Werkstoff.

Martha Hincapié Charry: Studied Dance in her home country Colombia and finished her Dance theatre studies at the Folkwang Hochschule Essen, under the guidance of Pina Bausch. As a dancer she worked for the Wuppertal Dance Theatre, the Münster State Theatre, the Schauspielhaus Bochum, and the Aachen Theatre and performed in several independent productions. Her own creations have been invited to Festivals in France, Croatia, Italy, Holland, Germany, Argentina, Brasil, Ecuador and Colombia. She has been awarded with several prizes, scholarships and founded in 2007 the Colombian – German group PERIFERIC.

In 2013 Hincapié Charry choreographed the theater piece “Angst” directed by Volker Lösch at Theater Basel in Switzerland, and got the Tanzstipendium of the Berliner Senat. “Transparente”, her first full-length film, celebrated premiere at the American Dance Festival/International Screendance Festival and created the performance “Backwards 7” for the Berliner art gallery Musterzimmer. In the present year she developed the dance/performance piece “Double-sided” with the dance students of the University Francisco Jose de Caldas in Bogotá, Colombia. She is since 2010 artistic director of Plataforma, Iberoamerican Festival in Berlin.

Obi Blanche (FIN)

Over 15 years of loving the wheels of steel and producing under his belt Obi Blanche is ready to rock what ever type of scene you throw him into. From scratching to the most popular major label Finnish hip hop records to being in a pioneer electro clash band in Helsinki to left field discordant dance music his been there and he has the collection ready to be rolled open from his stacks of records filtered with a classically trained musical taste.

Solo releases from labels such as Tigerbeat 6, Bang Gang, New Judas and What What! to remixes made for the most influential including K7, Mad Decent and Kitsune his name has travelled the world played by the biggest djs in the game like Erol Alkan, Boys Noize and Tiga to name a few. He has also worked together with artists like Anika (Stones Throw) and Norman Palm (City Slang) and played all over the world from Boiler Room Berlin to SXSW Austin to All Tomorrows Parties London. He knows his music, but still not being an elitist he reads the crowd and plays the stuff that will make them dance from the latest Lykke Li remix to hard to find underground vinyl only outsider house releases.

Moo Kim (KR): oMomKi

Our mouyes are opepty, Our desoal is to expouch, Our dreson is in forgrences
MooKim oMomKi omKiMo MoKoim mMKooi MmKoio iKMoom oKMiom KioomM oKioMm iooKMm oomMKi iomoMK mKioMo ooimKM oioMKm oiMmKo iKoMom miKMoo KimMoo KMooim KiMmoo KoomMi KiooMm moMKio mooKiM oKioMm MioKom MKooim KMooim oMmKio

Moo Kim has thick black hair, His eyes are dark brown, His nose is a little bend towards the right side. He has a very strong jaws and 27 teeth, He is about 100 olives long, His shoulders are boney but broad. His protruding ribs suggest his strong lungs and his muscular legs promise food everyday.


“ I am a noisy animal ” –Sayaka Osaki, 2011, Japanise poet, poem: Noisy Animal, book: “Yubisasukotoga dekinai” which means “Can’t be pointed out”, 2014, Seidosha. She was writing about her perception of social/politics after the Fukushima disaster.

“We do not know what a body can do” –Baruch Spinoza, Ethics III, 1677.

“A sound mind in a sound body” –Thales, pre-Socratic Greek philosopher , 624-546 BC

Does a sound body mean a sound mind?

Curated by Lola Lustosa for Musterzimmer at Fahrbereitschaft, Berlin

With support from: Finnish Cultural Foundation & Haubrok Foundation