Secret Chapter


Collages by Niina Lehtonen Braun

The new exhibition by Niina Lehtonen Braun features collages created for Mika Mario Minetti’s Berlin memoir “It Happened in Berlin: Art, Love & Fashion”. Lehtonen Braun created cover art for the book that came out in November 2017. Her original art works are now shown for the first time in public. While ten collages were published in the book, much more were created during a few months’ period leading to the publication when the artist browsed through Minetti’s photographs of his Berlin friends and artist communities – the author’s extended family, so to speak. Lehtonen Braun then selected some of the photos as raw material for the commission work: cutting the images to pieces, adding drawings, texts and other visual elements such as dried flowers or even glitter to them – and thus creating a delicate body of work through her enchanting story-telling and painting techniques. At “Secret Chapter” exhibition 14 of these art works are on display. In addition to these collages, we will see “Private Events”, a collection of Niina Lehtonen Braun’s recent works building on the topic of extended families, friends and communities.

About the artist

Niina Lehtonen Braun graduated from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, Finland, in 2000. She lives and works in Berlin, Germany, for 18 years already. Lehtonen Braun has had several international solo shows and participated in numerous group exhibitions while developing her own visual aesthetics. Her production includes paintings, video art, installations and performance art.

Besides the original collages, a selection of books and an exclusive set of 8 postcards in a hand-written and numbered (from 1 to 50) limited edition case will be available at the gallery.


A short film by Eemil Karila, Mika Mario Minetti & Jarkko Räsänen

Shot with an 8mm camera at Musterzimmer gallery in Berlin–Schöneberg, the short film captures the final day of the artist Janne Räisänen’s solo show “Will you be mine forever?”. The exhibition ran from the 17th of May until the 20th of June, 2013. A group of friends gathered at the gallery to celebrate the finissage of the show. In no time at all the day turned into an evening and the evening into a long night of partying. Now, for the first time after five years of editing the grainy and partly lost footage, the film sees daylight.

SECRET CHAPTER exhibition is curated by Mika Mario Minetti for Musterzimmer.


Musterzimmer x Fata Morgana

Torstraße 170, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Opening on Saturday 15.12.2018 5pm – 9pm

Exhibition 16.12. – 21.12.2018

The gallery is open Tue – Fri 12pm – 6pm