Obsessive Lover August 22, 2013

ARTISTS Ricardo Matos (PT), Rodrigo Garcia Alves (BR)

Obsessive Lover stems from a residency project that marks collaboration between the artists Ricardo Matos and Rodrigo Garcia Alves. Throughout the development of the project both artists explore an intersection between their current artistic practices, performance and the visual arts. Exploring the choreographic element as a structural device, the artists build up a working methodology based on doing, undoing and re-doing by performing a series of repetitive tasks, which triggers the production of images. The performance that will be shown at Musterzimmer has as a starting point an image that led to a sharing of thoughts and finally the construction of a duet within the studio space. In this work in progress Memory is handled as a fluid matter that installs an organic space, which serves both as a contemplative and active environment.

Ricardo Matos is a London based artist, currently working in art education, London University. The observation of natural landscape, and language has become central references in his work, using print techniques, photography and collage, as departure tools to explore image, texture and material in the production of object-based installations.

Rodrigo Garcia Alves is a performance artist currently undertaking an MA in Solo Dance Authorship at the University of the Arts Berlin. He has been doing solo and collaborative work in the frame of performance and dance festivals. His oeuvre explores concepts of identity, memory, gender and the body.